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At ECG, safety is first. We want to share some easy tips to follow in any demolition job.  These are by no means the only things you should be doing.  Please check with your GC and applicable laws and regulations with respect to your demo job. 

1.- Prevent Accidents with Training, Qualification, and Experience 

Ensure that your demolition company has the highest standards and place particular emphasis on training. 

The training and qualification system for all employees is paramount to Health, Safety, and Environmental systems and procedures.  All employees must have the appropriate licenses, qualifications, and experience for the assigned tasks they undertake. Site Supervisors should closely monitor the site teams at all times.  

2. A Clean Site is a Safe Site 

Maintaining a clean and tidy site is a key factor in the success and safety of any demolition job. The surrounding area of a site should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Entry roads should be clean and clear.  

3.- Risk Assessment 

Have a structured approach to ensure the provision and control of safety from project conception to completion, taking into consideration the Pre-construction Information and other relevant documents provided at an early stage so that risks can be mitigated. 

4.- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Must Be worn 

It’s essential that every employee understands what equipment should be worn throughout the demolition. Making sure that each employee also knows and understands how to use each piece of equipment properly is critical to the project. 

5.- Managing Traffic Movement 

The Traffic Management Plans should be established during the planning phase of a project and updated/amended as work commences and progresses on site. Segregation of pedestrians and vehicles is implemented, giving clear and unhindered pedestrian walkways and vehicle access to all required areas of the site. 

If you want to know more about our security measures in our demolition projects, call us! We pride ourselves on providing demolition services you can depend on. 

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