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Does an intensive disinfection and cleaning routine, will stop the Omicron COVID-19 variant spread?

The emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has dimmed hopes that the pandemic will soon fade away and once again has employers pondering how they can fulfill their difficult obligations to keep their workforce safe and to meet their business needs.

The good news is that as the virus has evolved, employers have honed their strategies to keep infections in check. By continuing to be creative, flexible, and adaptive in their approaches, they can contain the threat now and handle other outbreaks if other variants arise — a significant possibility given the low levels of vaccinations in many parts of the world, including some areas of the United States. Here are some broad measures they can apply.

Ventilation in a building impacts transmission, and increasing the amount of air that’s exchanged indoors decreases the likelihood of infection in the workplace. Improving ventilation doesn’t always require expensive renovations; many workplaces can add more air exchanges and improve the filtration systems on existing air-handling systems, and some can open windows. However, employers can skip ultraviolet lights, given that there is little evidence that ultraviolet treatment of indoor air prevents Covid-19 transmission.

We also now know that normal cleaning is adequate to protect against Covid-19 infections in most instances, and disinfection can be reserved for high-touch, high-traffic surfaces and workplaces with a known Covid-19 case. Employers can create more bandwidth for effective pandemic or business initiatives by eliminating those which minimally increase safety.

ECG’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) decontamination service is one of the first in South CA to be accredited for COVID-19 cleaning. This gives our customers added assurance that they are receiving advanced disinfection services from a specialist contractor trusted to deliver a quality service – which is so vital when you want to be sure you are dealing effectively with the COVID-19 threat.

Our disinfection service has been designed from the bottom up to be safe and effective, helping you give staff and customers all the reassurance they need that your premises are COVID-19 secure, in line with government regulations.

Keep your guard up, and keep acting for your collaborators’ sake, call the team of professional experts at Environmental Construction Group (ECG) and keep your workplace safe with our disinfection and sterilization services.

We are ECG, we are safety first.

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