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Tips to Improve Construction Site Safety.

There are a number of ways to improve health and safety in your workplace, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve put together a list of some of our ways to keep workers safe in the construction industry … 

Ensure employees wear the correct protective gear. 

Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) could mean the difference between a minor injury and a long term injury or even a fatality. 

It’s important to provide your employees with the appropriate PPE relative to the type of work being carried out. This can include helmets, ear protection, safety goggles, knee pads and hi-vis jackets. If they become worn or unfit for purpose, they need to be replaced immediately. 

Take Advantage of Technologies  

Provide new opportunities to address safety challenges and experience immediate cost savings. Technology can be worth the investment to help bridge time and distance constraints, improving efficiency and safety in the long term. 

The growth of digitization in construction now makes it possible to make real-time decisions remotely. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), known as drones, are already in use in the industry and provide a convenient way to conduct site inspections, observations, and safety audits. Managers can use smartphones, tablets, and project management software to share project data instantaneously from remote work sites and to workers and other onsite supervisors using a cell phone or tablet. Allowing everyone to have immediate access to the same information eliminates costs of equipment that must be updated and maintained, and it keeps everyone consistently on the same page. 

Correctly construct and maintain scaffolding 

When erecting scaffolding, there should be no shortcuts or improvisations. It should be built on stable ground with solid footing to eradicate the risk of it collapsing. Be sure to maintain and repair any damage or inconsistencies of the structure, as well as ensuring that all employees using the scaffolding to have an adequate level of scaffolding safety training. 

Health & safety training 

Construction workers operating in high and medium risk environments are required to have sufficient health and safety training. They should be fully competent and aware of the risks associated with their actions, especially when working at height, with machinery or in confined spaces. It is also advised that they have an appropriate awareness of first aid, being able to administer basic life-saving techniques if necessary. 


Communication is a major factor in keeping employees safe. Staff should communicate with each other and with any alternative party if they identify potential risks. Those working onsite should be aware of existing potential hazards but also have a conscious awareness of other dangers. Employees should be regularly asked about what they think could make their job safer and have the opportunity to report any accidents or near-misses. 

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