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Asbestos was common in construction materials and other products for centuries before researchers began to link the mineral’s fibers with serious health risks.  Exposure is dangerous because the fibers are extremely minute.  When inhaled, they can cause damage to the abdominal lining and the lungs, and ultimately cause cancer.  Asbestos professionals can test for the presence of asbestos and recommend professionals to remove it safely.  This […]

Hire Environmental Construction Group for your concrete cutting job projects!

Summary: Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is the number one provider of turnkey demolition near me in Southern California. As Environmental Construction Group’s technology and construction demands have advanced, thus too have its methods for refining and adapting concrete to the complex needs. They are one of the leading concrete cutting companies are employed to put […]

Meet Environmental Construction Group- a certified business enterprise!

Summary: Environmental Construction Group (ECG) has profitably completed thousands of projectsfor customers in all verticals. They generally break the demolition services in California down into the following verticals: Commercial Demolition Services, Industrial Demolition Services, Education Demolition Services, Government Demolition Services, Healthcare Demolition Services, Marine Ports Demolition Services, Airport Demolition Services, Retail Demolition Services, and Hospitality […]

Identify the role of GPR scanning in concrete demolition!

Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is a certified small business venture (SBE) with the State of California along with several additional Federal, State, and Local Agencies. The company brings hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to the demolition industry.  Our company can provide a turn-key proposal, engineer a client-specific demolition plan, oversee remediation and comply with all […]


Environmental Construction is a leading Demolition Services provider that offers 100% turn-key solutions. We use special equipment and an educated workforce to ensure that every project is safe and efficient. Our management team has over 250 years of combined experience navigating through today’s ever-changing marketplace ensuring each customer is provided with exceptional service. We actively […]

Giving Back To The Educational Community  

One more SAFE and happy customer!  ECG has been providing professional decontamination services in California for over a decade.  Surf City Christian Pre-School is one of our community charity projects.  See below, an email that was shared with us by SCC, expressing the positive outcomes of having our service in their school.  Contact us now if you are seeking the […]

Qualities That Make a Safety Leader

A strong safety culture depends on dedicated leaders. They are the people who spearhead the fight for a safer work environment. A good safety leader isn’t shy about bringing concerns to the attention of their superiors or about encouraging others to do their part to keep themselves and others safe.  But the best managers know […]

Safety For Concrete Cutting

All construction jobs come with their own unique risks. Concrete cutting is not different, A concrete saw cutting can be tricky, not to mention dangerous. It is therefore of vital importance that you know what you’re doing when sawing concrete. If you don’t, it’s better to let professionals handle the job.  Fortunately, concrete cutting in California can be carried out safely and efficiently, […]

Guidelines to Select a Demolition Contractor

With years of experience and expertise in the industry Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is able to deliver good quality services to the clients with best possible prices. If you are looking for the best concrete cutting companies near me in California we can be your preference.  Looking for the demolition contractors near me in California? You need […]

Environmental Construction Group helps increase hospital bed capacity for COV-19

The link below is an article which was recently published in the San Diego Business Journal article interviewing Lars Herman of Herman Construction Group about some recent projects.  Environmental Construction Group is mentioned in the article as being a part of the $2 Million dollar remodel of the Porterville Developmental Center (previously a psychiatric treatment facility, being converted into […]