Below are some highlights of Demolition Services we have performed in government facilities. These Government Demolition Jobs can cover a huge range of facilities and types of terrain. The government facilities we have performed Government Demolition in have included Courthouses, City Halls, Police Stations, Waterways, Bridges, Highways and Freeways, and CHP and Caltrans Substations; just to name a few. Because our work in this area involves the ability of government agencies to function (civil services, including but not limited to, administrative, health, welfare, and safety obligations), this work must be performed with the utmost caution and due care.

CRA Radial Gates

Project Details

Customer:McMillan Jacobs
Location:Earp, CA
Completion date:TBD
Scope of Work:Removed radial gates along the CRA waterway in preparation for installation of new radial gates. 9 locations

San Diego River Bridge

Project Details

Customer:Mid-Coast Corridor Constructors
Location:4901 Friars Road, San Diego, CA
Completion date:April 2018
Scope of Work:Complete demolition and lead abatement of the 900-foot-long double track bridge that spanned over the San Diego River Channel