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Asbestos might be banned in USA, but it can still be found in thousands of buildings. During demolition work, building materials are disturbed, cut, crushed, knocked down and demolished. Exactly the type of work that releases deadly asbestos fibers.

No other case highlights the risk of asbestos exposure during demolition quite like the World Trade Centre attacks and consequential Twin Towers collapse in New York on September 11th 2001.

Today, many years on from the attack that killed thousands, the death toll continues to rise. Why? Because, amongst the many toxic fumes and dust that filled the air of New York when the towers collapsed, were fibres from the hundreds of tons of asbestos-containing materials used in the construction of the towers.

While the dust contained many other toxins, is certainly no secret that asbestos fibres can cause fatal lung cancers and diseases. Although the diseases can take decades to develop, symptoms are already showing for many first responders. According to an article by CNN, 176 firefighters, 136 police officers and 15 FBI agents have already died as a result of illnesses caused by the toxins they inhaled in their work at the attack sites.

Of course, the demolition of the Twin Towers was not planned. There was no risk assessment, no safe systems of work, no licensed contractor removing asbestos under control measures to minimize the risk of exposure.

This does, however, show the need to plan the demolition of buildings, and to consider the risk of asbestos exposure during demolition, and importantly, to minimize the risk.


Due to the danger caused by asbestos during demolition work, it is absolutely essential that you plan carefully for your demolition. Buildings will typically already have asbestos reports which show the location and condition of any asbestos that is present.

However, you should not assume that these reports continue to be accurate. The condition of the asbestos can deteriorate and this can lead to challenges with your demolition work.

Whoever is responsible for carrying out the demolition has a duty of care to any demolition workers, as well as anyone else on site, to ensure that they are protected against the risk of asbestos exposure.

During a demolition, if dust containing asbestos fibres gets into the air it can mean that it is very challenging to deal with it. At this point, the only option is generally to continually test the air quality and wait until the fibres settle.

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