Darrin McElroy, President
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Ron Santos, Director of Workforce Analytics
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For decades, Environmental Construction Group has proven to be the Best Demolition Contractor in California. For those not familiar with the industry, Demolition Work goes hand-in-hand with Hazardous

Materials Remediation, Hazardous Materials Removal, and Hazardous Materials Abatement. In addition to being the Best Demolition Company in California, we are also the best choice for anyone who is looking for Lead Abatement Near Me, Asbestos Removal Near Me, and any other Contaminated Materials Remediation Services Near Me.

We have successfully completed thousands of projects for customers in all verticals. We generally break our Demolition Projects down into the following verticals: Commercial Demolition Services, Industrial Demolition Services, Education Demolition Services, Government Demolition Services, Healthcare Demolition Services, Marine Ports Demolition Services, Airport Demolition Services, Retail Demolition Services, and Hospitality Demolition Services. In addition to demolitions, remediation, abatement, and removal; we also have a strong competency in the mitigation of infectious disease and pathogens. Please read more about it on our Infection Control and Sterilization page, HERE.

We believe in a “team approach” philosophy and understand by partnering with owners, general contractors, and consultants it ensures our customers receive the most efficient, cost effective, and safest project possible.

Founded and incorporated in 2002, Environmental Construction Group has grown to become the industry leader in all aspects of Demolition Services.

  • Structural Demolition
  • Interior / Selective Demolition
  • Site Clearing / Excavation
  • Saw Cutting / Concrete Coring
  • Asbestos Removal Services
  • Lead Abatement Services
  • Mold / Microbial Remediation
  • Contaminated Soil Remediation and Testing
  • Hydrocarbon and Groundwater Remediation
  • PCBs, Mercury and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Remediation
  • Contaminated Wood Removal and Testing
  • Infection Control Services
  • Sterilization Services
  • Decontamination Services

If you are looking for any Demolition Services Near Me; we should be your first stop. Environmental Construction is a 100% Turn-key, Full-Service Demolition Services Provider. Our management team has over 250 years combined experience navigating through today’s ever changing marketplace ensuring each customer is provided with exceptional service. We actively hold A, B, C21, C22, ASB, HAZ and DOSH licenses [SEE LICENSES & CERTIFICATES] and are a certified small business enterprise (SBE) with the State of California along with several additional Federal, State, and Local Agencies..



Our services have provided excellent demolition services to the varying projects of a broad group of verticals. We have worked on:

  • Commercial Demolition Projects
  • Industrial Demolition Projects
  • Education Demolition Projects
  • Government Demolition Projects
  • Healthcare Demolition Projects
  • Marine Port Demolition Projects
  • Airport Demolition Projects
  • Retail Demolition Projects
  • Ministry Demolition Projects