Safety Culture

Since the inception of Environmental Construction Group, management has driven our employees towards the company’s commitment to achieving a “Target Zero” workplace; preventing damage to property and environment and maintaining an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace. ECG sets an expectation for each employee, contractor, and business partner to take personal responsibility for keeping all personnel and others associated with our work safe. Whether employees are located on a project site, in the office, or at home; we embrace safety as a lifestyle choice by maintaining essential safety procedures and behaviors everywhere we go.

ECG understands the value of a proactive safety culture; and executes safety performance through education. Our emphasis on safety provides our clients with employees who are knowledgeable, trained, and can provide safe solutions on a project. ECG consistently recognizes our committed people in what they have to offer the company, their peers, and the client.

For ECG’s tireless efforts towards a safety culture, we have been recognized for our safety achievements by clients and industry organizations, numerous times.

Safety Performance

Measuring our safety progress is a key component to ensuring that we are on track to achieving our goal of being an industry leader. Tracking our safety performance metrics and maintaining a high level of transparency with our employees, stakeholders, and clients is of paramount importance to ECG. Our annual safety performance is a direct reflection of our company’s operations. ECG consistently maintains lower EMR safety averages than the industry; the industry average is based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

ECG encourages all employees to be proactive and engaged in identifying potential hazard and risks. ECG is committed to the safety of our people and our projects; we set personal targets for conducting safety observations in the workplace and on work sites.

Training, Knowledge and Safe Solutions

Since we are categorized as a high hazard contractor, ECG understands the immediate benefits of operating with safety as the cornerstone of our company culture; and the positive impact of providing highly trained personnel who possess the knowledge to work safely and provide safe solutions at our job sites when safety issues may arise. We are continuously improving and updating our policies and procedures to adhere to an ever-changing occupational safety, and health regulations; as well as constantly evolving environmental law and licensing requirements. In areas where no regulations exist, we adhere to a higher self-imposed standard.


ECG understands the value of being recognized for safety performance by clients as well as being recognized by their own personnel. ECG achieves our “Target Zero” by setting goals through supervision in the field based on a month-to-month basis. ECG management rewards projects that experience no injuries, accidents, or property damage in creative ways; in order to incentivize our safety culture. Goals and objectives are established at the beginning of each year in our monthly supervisors meeting, as well as at our Safety Committee meeting. ECG recently received recognition for our excellent safety procedural practices and record on Los Angeles International Airport’s United Airlines Terminal redevelopment project and the New Century Plaza Hotel project in Los Angeles.