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5 Techniques used in Demolition Projects

The demolition industry is steadily transforming in recent years, however, with the sporadic growth in infrastructure and construction sector, there has been a surge in redevelopment projects of late. This will provide impetus to the demolition market. Customers were using conventional methods of demolition work but increasing demand and pressure of fast execution has compelled contractors to seek equipment that can deliver better results. Today, demolition attachments like crushers, pulverizers, crusher buckets, high performance breakers, vibro rippers and the like are much in demand.

Small structures may be demolished manually or by hydraulic equipment like crane, elevated platforms, excavator, bulldozer etc. Hydraulic excavators may be used to topple one or two storey buildings by an undermining process. The strategy is to undermine the building while controlling the manner and direction in which it falls.

1. Wrecking Ball technique

This technique is especially effective against masonry, but is less easily controlled and often less efficient and it is also used to demolish the structure down to a certain manageable height.

2. High reach demolition excavators

It is more often used for tall buildings where explosive demolition is not appropriate or possible. Excavators with shear attachments are typically used to dismantle steel structural elements. Hydraulic hammers are often used for concrete structures and concrete processing attachments are used to crush concrete to a manageable size, and to remove reinforcing steel. “For tall concrete buildings, where neither explosive nor high reach demolition with an excavator is safe or practical, the ‘inside-out’ method is used, whereby remotely operated mini-excavators demolish the building from the inside, whilst maintaining the outer walls of the building as a scaffolding, as each floor is demolished.

3. Stop Motion Technique

The Japanese company Kajima Construction has developed a new method of demolishing buildings which involves using computer-controlled hydraulic jacks to support the bottom floor as the supporting columns are removed. The floor is lowered and this process is repeated for each floor. This technique is safer and more environment friendly, and is useful in areas of high population density.

4. Building Implosion

The term implosion is something of a misnomer. In fact, the technique involves strategically placing explosive charges to remove a building’s support structure so that it collapses on itself, causing as little damage to its surroundings as possible and an expert can ensure that the structure falls into its own footprint, so as not to damage neighboring structures. This is essential for tall structures in dense urban areas. Any error can be disastrous, however, and some demolitions have failed, severely damaging neighboring structures. However, it can be dangerous and is only used as a last resort when other methods are impractical or too costly.

5. High reach crusher demolition method

Increased by rising safety awareness, crusher demolition method is coming to spread out mainly in metro-cities. Merits of crusher demolition method are as follows:

• Efficient work

• Wide range of demolition objects from pillar, joist, floor, wall to underground foundation

• Possible to cut reinforcing steel and iron frame

• Good mobility as it moves on hydraulic excavator

• Less pollution

• Less danger as it decreases the work at a height

• Shorter work period as it doesn’t require much previous arrangement like setting a support to bear the machine weight on the floor.

Demerits of crusher demolition method are as follows:

• Falling object from a height arises

• The fear of machine tipping over due to rough operation or bad ground condition.

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