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Concrete cutting requires incredible precision, proper training, and the right equipment. Due to the complexity of the job, it should be a task reserved only for professionals.

There are many ways to cut concrete and various types of cutting machinery to get it done. In building or concrete demolition projects, the cuts can vary in depth and length. This is why a precise and well-trained hand is needed to ensure that the cuts are created in the exact size they should be. The type of cut needed for each project should also be used as basis for the type of equipment to be used to cut the concrete. Whether you’re looking to cut curved or straight, deep or subtle lines, there is always the right equipment to get the job done.

Regardless of whether you need to cut concrete to create windows or doors or simply would like to get concrete floor sawing services, professional contractors can get these done for you. In fact, there is a specific machine to ensure safe and precise concrete cutting for your project, and the right contractor should know which one to use.

However, performing concrete saw cutting isn’t a DIY enthusiast’s job. Following these 5 tips will help you complete concrete saw cutting effectively and efficiently.

  1. Do not assume every concrete is the same.

Keep in mind that no two types of concrete are the same. For example, different mixtures are used for a concrete foundation than for a concrete driveway.

You will need to use both different tools and cutting techniques for every type of concrete. A masonry drill bit is suited to work with softer concrete, while you might need a rotary hammer to break up dense concrete before you can begin cutting the concrete slab.

It’s a good idea to adjust the pressure used when you cut through concrete dependent on the type of concrete. If you don’t adjust the pressure used, you can cause cracks to form.

  • Make the right choice of tools.

Whether you’re cutting concrete with an angle grinder or cutting concrete with a circular saw, you need to ask yourself “am I using the right tool for this job?”. Before you even begin to get to work cutting concrete slab or starting to drill you must identify the characteristics of your concrete.

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be repeated that the denser a concrete, the stronger your concrete cutting tools should be. If you use the wrong tools during construction then you risk damaging both your concrete cutting tools and the concrete itself. Don’t just barge in with a concrete cutting disc, take the time to carefully choose the right tool for the job ahead.

  • Use water properly.

It’s a good idea to use water properly when you cut through concrete. Wet cutting is actually one of the best ways to manage any amount of dust that is created when cutting or drilling concrete.

Ideally, you want to pour just enough water to rinse away dust. Remember that you want wet concrete, not a flooded working area. If you do not see either a chalk line or drill bit as you work, it’s time to stop cutting or drilling and wash the area. Remember that it’s a smart idea to adjust your water use as you’re drilling or cutting concrete slab.

  • Know what’s inside the material.

The concrete structure you need to cut may have electrical wire, utility pipes or any other entity fitted into it. While cutting through the material, either you should be aware of the location of these entities or else you will need to choose a cutting blade which can pierce through any embedded stuff smoothly.

  • Have a good virety of blades handy always.

There is no one blade fits all thing in the concrete sawing world. Like saw, you need different blade to cut different size and depth of different material. For example, a wet saw blade is more suitable for a jobsite like a hospital or a public building where minimal dust production is one of the primary needs.

A diamond infused blade is more suitable choice to cut through heavily reinforced concrete. When you have some of the most commonly used cutting blades handy in your toolbox, you can always accomplish your concrete cutting project within stipulated timeframe; it is mainly because you will not have to hold the work often to visit a hardware store and look for a suitable blade.

Keep in mind that concrete is one of the more difficult construction materials to work with, requiring more patience, expertise, and precision than other materials. Due to the difficult nature of concrete cutting and drilling, it’s even more important to take extra time to avoid mistakes that can impact the safety of yourself and others as well as impact the quality of the project itself. Leave this job in the hands of a team of professional experts.

We are ECG, we are safety first.

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.

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