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Digital transformation and the environmental remediation industry

Digital transformation is revolutionizing how businesses and workers interconnect to be more productive and efficient. The result is improved collaboration, faster processes and time-to-market, lower costs and better products. A not incidental byproduct is greater ability to manage and achieve higher levels of productivity. A digital transformation consultancy helps companies identify their work challenges and develop strategies to achieve them through the adoption of new technology. 

As with other industries, digital solutions are driving the reinvention of the environmental remediation industry, unlocking new value and unprecedented productivity achievements. 

For successful Digital Reinvention, organizations need to pursue a new strategic focus, build new expertise, and establish new ways of working.  

Why reinvent?  

Media organizations face pressure to reinvent from all angles—investors, competition, customers, and technology. 

Data access 

Our industry survey suggests that organizations already use customer insight in several ways to inform and drive their businesses. Marketers emerged as fearless users of data and customer insight because new ways to track and identify users offers a way to address the attribution challenge. Around half of the organizations that responded use customer insight to drive product development, social media strategy, and marketing campaigns. In addition, more than 40 percent are using insights to influence advertising placement. Recommendation engines were only mentioned by a quarter of our respondents. However, we expect a focus on these engines to increase as personalization strategies take hold. 

Emerging contaminants, such as PFASs, maturing portfolios and increasing restoration needs, are creating more challenges than ever for the environmental remediation industry. However, by embracing digital reinvention, the remediation industry is well-positioned for the future. 

New ways to work. 

 Leading businesses that embrace new ways to work digitize products, services, and processes to help them redefine the customer experience.  

New expertise 

 In a digitally reinvented company, things are more flexible, scalable and fast. Media processing requirements are more dynamic, peaky and difficult to predict; therefore, it might be necessary to rethink how capacity is provisioned—cloud approaches or sharing with other organizations might be options to consider. Strong control and management of external partners are essential to success. Fewer than half of our survey respondents believe their technology platforms are fit-for-purpose. Often, the task of integrating multiple disparate proprietary systems rests with the broadcaster. The industry can be more demanding of its supplier base because there is no longer time for traditional long IT integration projects.  

Where you can learn more about it. 

In the latest Advances in Remediation Solutions column in Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation, digital experts from Arcadis and IBM discuss what digital transformation looks like in remediation. The column is organized into four parts: 1) what “digital” means and the opportunity for remediation, 2) how to derive value from large data sets, 3) a framework to support productivity step change, and 4) what the future holds. 

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