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You can find many companies that provide concrete cutting services and people can contact them to avail the services. People can seek out the companies online or ask for some advices from their relatives and friends who will help them in searching for a service that provides good concrete cutting services. There are several types of services provided by companies.

Demolishing concrete buildings not only makes it possible for new communities to be built; it also removes old and hazardous buildings from properties. As buildings age, their concrete structures become less secure, and this poses a risk to people who may live or work around such buildings. The demolition of concrete structures also allows for old concrete to be recycled, which is perfect for the surroundings, and it announces space and makes properties more aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Cutting- Types

Core Drilling: A core drill is used to make holes in a surface. Metal has been used to make the drill and tips of the drill are coated with either diamond or carbide. The main components of the drill are motor, drill bits, and handle. Since the drill has a hollow center, it can carve sample from a material simply. The sample is similar in type and conforms to the shape of the drill.

Flat Sawing: With the purpose of saw the horizontal surfaces, concrete cutting providers use flat sawing. The saw has the frequency of 400 Hz that is used to cut asphalt and cement sheets whose thickness can be 24 inches. Flat saws are also known as slab saws and are used to cut floors, expansion joints, pavement, and bridge decks. Besides concrete cutting, the device can also be used indoors. The dust produced by a flat saw is less than what would be produced by a normal concrete saw.

Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is the most professional concrete cutting company near me, in California. Our turn-key service gets every aspect of the concrete cutting service to your concrete cutting project. With a high proficiency in best practices; ECG consistently delivers dependable, premium, and expert demolition services. Safety, speed, and professionalism are standards we hold ourselves to on all of our projects.

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