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Environmental Construction Group helps increase hospital bed capacity for COV-19

The link below is an article which was recently published in the San Diego Business Journal article interviewing Lars Herman of Herman Construction Group about some recent projects.  Environmental Construction Group is mentioned in the article as being a part of the $2 Million dollar remodel of the Porterville Developmental Center (previously a psychiatric treatment facility, being converted into an “alternate care facility”).  This was a facility which had not been maintained in approximately 15 years.  Environmental Construction Group performed hard and soft demolition; as well as hazardous materials removal and abatement.

Participating in the Porterville Developmental Center project put all our knowledge, experience and effectiveness into practice. 

The Porterville Developmental Center building was approximately 15 years old without receiving maintenance, which already makes it a challenging project, adding that also the work that would normally take months to complete had to be reduced to days. The plans with these buildings is to turn them into “alternate care facility” for Covid-19 patients, thus making this an emergency project. 

The current situation with the pandemic due to the covid-19 has created changes in our daily life, has made things happen quickly and with a sense of urgency, at Environmental Construction Group we are happy to have the equipment, machinery, and experience necessary to face this kind of situations