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Summary: Demolishing a building of historic value can be a hard judgment to make, but at times it’s the right choice when the circumstances demand it. Demolition is a totally different process from construction.  Demolition involves pulling a structure down while construction involves putting it up.

The building age and the safety condition of the building are the most common reasons for demolition.  In the case that a building is no longer performing its function, it will be demolished to make way for new building to be constructed. Demolishing the building doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. There are resources that can still be used and recycled. Unfortunately, not everything can be reused.  Contaminated toxic waste must be disposed of in a responsible and legal manner.  Contaminated materials are removed, and everything which can be reused, must be conserved.

Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is a fully certified, insured, and bonded demolition business specializing in turnkey green demolition services for commercial, industrial, government, and educational sectors throughout California.  Being one of the best demolition companies near me, Environmental Construction Group actively holds A, B, C21, C22, ASB, HAZ and DOSH licenses which allow for complete project delivery from start to finish. 

ECG is a certified small business venture (SBE) with the State of California along with several additional Federal, State, and Local Agencies. The company brings hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to the demolition industry.  Our company can provide a turn-key proposal, engineer a client-specific demolition plan, oversee remediation and comply with all recycling regulations.  

The Company specializes in interior and selective demolition that includes retail, commercial and industrial spaces.  With a focus on sustainability and best practices management, we consistently deliver dependable, high-quality and professional demolition services.  Speed, efficiency, and effectiveness are standards on all of our projects and safety is a top priority.

ECG focuses on the client first. Our turn-key project management allows us to tailor each project to meet its client’s specific needs. We listen, then we implement. is one of the revolutionary demolition companies near me that can bring experience, safety, and professionalism to your construction project. Call us at 562-438-7999 today.