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Find on-time, competence, and successful demolition and hauling services at ECG

Summary: Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is a fully certified, insured, and bonded demolition business specializing in turnkey green demolition services for commercial, industrial, government, and educational sectors throughout California. ECG actively holds A, B, C21, C22, ASB, HAZ and DOSH licenses which allow for complete project delivery from start to finish. 

Environmental Construction Group brings hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to the demolition industry.  The company can provide a turn-key proposal, engineer a client-specific demolition plan, oversee remediation and comply with all recycling regulations. ECG generally break the demolition servicesin California down into the following areas: Commercial Demolition Services, Industrial Demolition Services, Education Demolition Services, Government Demolition Services, Healthcare Demolition Services, Marine Ports Demolition Services, Airport Demolition Services, Retail Demolition Services, and Hospitality Demolition Services.

Government Demolition

The Government Demolition Jobs by ECG can cover a vast range of facilities and types of terrain. The government facilities they have performed Government Demolition in have included Courthouses, City Halls, Police Stations, Waterways, Bridges, Highways and Freeways, and CHP and Caltrans Substations; just to name a few. Because CG’s work in this area involves the ability of government agencies to function (civil services, including but not limited to, administrative, health, welfare, and safety obligations), this work has performed with the greatest concern and due care.

Airports Demolition

Airports have to process an unbelievable flow of human traffic on a regular basis. Any Airport Demolition Project is going to necessarily hold back the flow of human movement in an airport. The Airport Demolition Service by ECG gets the job done, carefully and faster so your Airport Construction Project can deliver in good time.

At ECG, the demolition services include but are not limited to: Structural, Site Clearing, excavation, concrete cutting, saw cutting and interior demolition. They are fully bonded and insured and have one of the industry’s lowest EMR safety ratings; which enable our clients a level of protection they deserve and can count on.

Now if you are looking for the best demolition and hauling services, your search for the perfect demolition services provider has ended. Please, give us a call today at 562-438-7999 and someone from our office will reach out to you immediately.