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Hire professional and skilled concrete removal services at ECG

Summary: Founded and incorporated in 2002, Environmental Construction Group (ECG) has grown to become the industry leader in all aspects of construction demolition services. The best thing about hiring professional demolition service provider is that it helps keep costs down. These professionals have all the materials and equipment to carry out the task efficiently. It means that you will not have to purchase any material or equipment.

Looking for any concrete removal near me? If so, ECG should be your first stop. Environmental Construction Group is a 100% Turn-key, Full-Service Demolition Services Provider. Our management team has over 250 years combined experience navigating through today’s ever changing marketplace ensuring each customer is provided with exceptional service. We actively hold A, B, C21, C22, ASB, HAZ and DOSH licenses and are a certified small business enterprise (SBE) with the State of California along with several additional Federal, State, and Local Agencies  Environmental Construction Group provides the highest level of concrete removal near me in California.

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