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How COVID-19 Impacts Demolition Industry?

COVID-19 ushered in a new, unknown operating environment across all industries. For the construction industry, the landscape changed rapidly over the past few months as governmental restrictions, supply chain challenges and increased job site safety protocols spread across the country.  

Though the idea of remote work has somewhat become accepted by contractors, on-site construction tasks need to ensure both an abundant workforce and safety guidelines. Placing thousands of contractors on furlough coupled with the termination of various existing and upcoming projects has caused a major loss of liquidity. 

Beyond COVID-19 relief projects, the construction industry is facing two immediate challenges: governmental restrictions, and supply chain and product sourcing interruptions; both of which could lead to project delays. 

Considerations and recommendations  

Project phase: Initiate: Consider project criticality, business drivers and lease implications. Proceed with caution after completing and reviewing a risk to select viable projects.  

Planning: Consider budgetary and scheduling impacts due to increased safety measures and site access restrictions. Proceed with caution, work remotely and build in scheduling and cost contingencies in anticipation of labor and material shortages and pricing instability.  

Taking Advantage of the Internet of Things 

The tech world is leaning heavily on the idea of improved connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT) for both customers and industry. The entire idea behind the use of IoT is connecting devices or machines using the power of the internet. 

Looking at the present scenario, IoT can be used to drive operational efficiency and improve safety at the jobsite by reducing costs. As the primary concern of most contractors is worker health and site safety, the use of IoT can assist in implementing social distancing as well as keeping a check on operations at the same time using IoT enabled sensor technology. 

Making the Best Use of Wearables 

One of the most trending and revolutionary inventions over the past few years is smart wearables. These are the devices that cannot only help in biometric identification of the workers but also their health through metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc. 

Demolition managers could take advantage of such technology to track the health and safety of workers on the jobsite. Wearing smart bands could enable workers to practice social distancing more effectively by alerting them when they are coming in close contact with each other. It can also help reduce the stress of managers at the jobsite as they try to monitor workers’ health and safety. 

Tackling the Challenges of COVID-19 

The spread of COVID-19 has brought the most significant challenge for demolition firms and it was mainly centered on monitoring supply chains and maintenance of machines. In times like these, the adoption of technology may appear as a challenge but is completely worth taking the effort. 

The use of smart IoT devices, project management, and accounting software, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help the contractors streamline their tasks related to supply chain, machine maintenance, and even the most fundamental tasks like concrete production. 

The collaboration of the technology with business will not only enable the managers to have complete control on the site but keeping a check on every aspect related to safety.  

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