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How to choose a good concrete cutting professional?

No matter if you need to remove or remodel a surface on your property, there are certain things you should consider before choosing the best concrete cutting company. You will probably be looking for a company that is very professional and quality/safety oriented. 

A professional concrete cutting contractor can offer a viable solution to relocate and install utilities. Whether it is concrete slabs, walls or ceilings, concrete cutting experts have a wide range of saws to best meet your construction project needs. The experts use saws to create openings of any desired depth and diameter into concrete structures. 

Some of the most common services offered by these professional concrete cutting contractors include: asphalt grinding, concrete coring, demolition, Brokk demolition and floor preparation. 

Considering the fact that concrete is a very hard material to break, concrete cutting and drilling will demand specific skills, knowledge and tools. And professional concrete cutting contractors have it all! 


Now, the question is how to find the right concrete cutting contractor? Well, certainly you can check few websites of several companies and explore the company background. What distinguishes a candidate’s presence is it’s reputation and reviews. Read as many customer reviews as you can. Today, there are a number of such review sites that are most accurate as they rely on real people’s opinions. You can be relatively sure of the authenticity of these reviews. 

Below are several telltale signs of experience and quality that will help you make a right selection. 

License and Office: 

Check if the concrete cutting contractor you are planning to hire has a valid license to operate or not. Review their proximity to your jobsite. 

Liability and Other Insurance Policy: 

Make sure the demolition company you hire is fully insured. Ask for their General Liability insurance policy and Workers’ Compensation policy. These documents will help you gauge if they are a legitimate and reliable business. Remember, concrete cutting and demolition is a challenging job. The project involves a use of heavy machinery operated at in dangerous conditions. If something goes wrong during the work, you don’t want to carry the liability caused by a sub-par demolitions contractor.  


The more experienced they are, the more knowledgeable and more reliable they are for the job. Wow long they have been in concrete cutting business? What technologies are they using? Are they using most up-to-date concrete cutting machines? The answer to these questions will help you choose the best concrete cutting specialist for your project. 

More services: 

It may be advantageous to hire a concrete cutting company which handles more facets of demolitions. Look for a contractor who can offer other services you may need; like drilling, sawing and wall removal. Find out what you will get from your available budget. You may save money by tying up all of your demolition projects with a single contractor.  


Make sure the concrete cutting company you hire believes in taking proactive steps to ensure utmost safety during the operation. 

These are some important points that should be considered while choosing the concrete cutting contractor for your projects. 

We are ECG, We are safety first. 

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. We pride ourselves in providing Demolition, abatement and Environmental Services you can depend on.  

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