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When it comes to the issue of mold, there are an endless number of important steps that need to be taken to combat this problem. First, there needs to be more awareness and emphasis placed on educating individuals, especially young people who are the next generation of home or/and building owners. Second, there needs to be more funding given to conduct research, both to fully understand the effects of mold on the human body and to discover new ways of resolving these problems. 

It is our obligation as a company and society to teach new generations to identify mold, the damage it represents and how to prevent mold in their environment, say work, school and home. 

How Can WHelp Mold Learning and its Health Effects? 

Sharing knowledge! It is our responsibility as parents, teachers and company to teach the problem of mold. Remember: When mold is present, it is rarely isolated to one location

And with this, education goes beyond showing that it is or is not mold, it goes from the need to teach what to see when purchasing your home or when requesting an exhaustive revision to your building. 

We need training. We need to be equipping every man, woman, and child with this type of information. We need to make this information accessible, especially to those who are still in academic institutions. By the time they graduate high school, every young person should have these skills, which are vitally important to maintaining optimal health and maximizing individual and collective wellbeing. We need to be prioritizing this information so that our families can thrive, not just survive. But how can we do this if we do not have the basic information about how buildings should be properly constructed, insulated, and maintained? 

Education on mold, air quality, and asbestos must be made a priority. This information can dramatically improve lives. So we must create programs to train people and share this information. Our health depends on it.