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Technology in demolition has come a long way from the days of cutting a hole in the base of an industrial chimney, filling it with wood or combustible material, setting fire to it and then watching the chimney come down.

Advances in technology and innovation within the demolition industry have progressed over the decades to ensure the high-risk sector can provide systems and methods to not only improve performance but also enhance health and safety and environmental approaches.

Construction machinery comes in many shapes and sizes and there’s no shortage of manufacturers all claiming to offer the best excavators. While it’s true that many machines share similar technologies, there has been many brands renowned as excavator innovators, which are constantly finding new ways to integrate the latest technology into its machinery in order to provide real solutions to customer problems.

Uses of drones in Demolition.

One such technological advance is the use of drone used it for surveying sites as part of the tender process, along with also reviewing the progress of a project, and providing images for marketing purposes.

The advanced capabilities of the camera on a drone provides detailed and clear images, which are easily stored on a memory stick and can then be saved or shared at a later date. This proves invaluable when surveying, assessing or marketing a project.

SiteZone proximity warning system.

SiteZone uses radio frequency identification (RFID) detection, which can transmit around corners and through foreign object debris, dust, smoke and poor light conditions. plant is fitted with base stations, while site personnel have RIFD transponders fitted to their hard hat. When a site worker breaches a predefined detection zone, both the worker and driver receive a proximity warning.

SiteZone also logs incident data which can be transmitted and viewed by using the telematics function. It collects data from SiteZone in the event of a zone breach to help monitoring and the improvement of site safety.

Site surveys carried out by robotic apparatus.

Another development in technology in our industry has been the introduction of remote robotic apparatus to carry out surveys, inspection and demolition related works.

Such devices can be used when a structure has been deemed unsafe or insecure and is therefore not accessible to personnel. The remote robotic devices safely access the structures and carry out a variety of surveying, inspection or demolition related tasks, eliminating the risk to life.

3D imaging within demolition.

The demolition industry has also embraced advances in computer software and like other sectors has incorporated techniques such as 3D imaging when constructing a method statement or design for a demolition project.

Technology advances in tools and equipment.

Finally, technology has advanced in the tools and equipment and protective wear used in demolition.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has never been more durable, and the modern materials used in protective wear and clothing has made it easier for operatives to remain mobile and complete their tasks while being protected.

Engine advancements in the plant and machines we use is also continually improving and fuel consumption and emissions are lower than ever before on modern machines thanks to engine technology. Advances in hydraulic technology is also improving the performance and durability in such plant.

We are ECG, we are safety first.

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.

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