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Qualities That Make a Safety Leader

A strong safety culture depends on dedicated leaders. They are the people who spearhead the fight for a safer work environment. A good safety leader isn’t shy about bringing concerns to the attention of their superiors or about encouraging others to do their part to keep themselves and others safe. 

But the best managers know that safety is more than rules and regulations or getting workers to abide by them. Instead, it’s about leadership and protecting workers. And about motivating them to do what they need to do. In other words, it’s about dealing effectively with human personalities in the work situation. That’s no small task. 

1. Reinforce good behavior. Praising people is more effective than punishing them. So, praise employees verbally whenever you see them following safety procedures. You’ll boost their confidence and encourage them to keep up the good work.  

2.Solicit participation from employees. Listen when people offer suggestions, concerns or complaints. Their suggestions might be better than your ideas, so give them a chance. 

3.Respond quickly to issues. To be effective, you need to react to issues wherever and whenever they occur. If an employee fails to adhere to a safety regulation, you need to respond quickly and assertively. And you need to do it without compromising. Failing to do so erodes employees trust in you and the program. More important, it breeds a lax safety culture. 

4. Communicate. Effective implementation and adherence to safety practices require an open dialog. A safety leader knows that simply rolling out a new program is not going to work unless it’s first discussed with the workers and aligned with their needs. 

Having regular meetings with the workforce and listening to their ideas and worries is a way for safety leaders to figure out which aspects of safety should be addressed next. The meeting could be as simple, meetings will also prove to workers that their safety is important. 

Implementing these seven habits will boost your impact as a safety leader. So, work on putting them into practice whenever and wherever you can. They’ll increase your ability to deal with human personalities more effectively.  

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