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Environmental problems can arise at the most inopportune time, and the last thing you want to worry about is finding both an environmental contractor to solve your immediate issue and a general contractor to put your building back together. By offering turnkey services, ECG’s offers to make one call from start to finish, eliminating wasted time and missed details. If you don’t have a solution in place, these events can bring your life or business to a halt! So if you recently suffered from the unexpected or looking for a partner to help manage an on-going environmental hazard, you might be in need to call an expert to help you with this kind of issues.

 Pollution prevention is any practice that stops pollution at its source before it is created. Pollution prevention strengthens economic growth through greater efficiency in industry production and by reducing the need for households, businesses, and communities to handle waste. These practices also conserve and protect natural resources, while simultaneously preventing health problems and environmental damage caused by pollution.

Once pollution is created, remediation efforts, which work with liquid chemical, leached gas, asbestos, mold and lead. Other capabilities include site assessment, containment, on-site treatment, contamination removal, waste disposal, final sampling, ongoing monitoring program, documentation and regulatory compliance.  This kind of services are needed and can be applied to Suitable for abandoned site, laboratory, agricultural facility, and construction and spill site applications.

Let’s find a solution…

We know there are many environmental contractors to choose from, but Environmental Construction Group (ECG) is not your typical environmental contractor. Our diverse team of Project Managers works together to find solutions to our clients’ complex problems that others have failed to fix. ECG’s fore-sight to see beyond the immediate environmental problem to catch potentially catastrophic building issues is vital to prevent any catastrophe. Every building has a story to tell, and the use of top of the line inspection equipment to learn what that story is, the newest innovations in technology and research to satisfy client’s needs is a must. After the immediate issue is fixed, you can rest easy knowing your building going back together with the latest technology and standards in the industry. All this has to be taken in account at the time you chose your contractor.

Your best call is to hire the experts whenever a project involving remediation is at stake. We are ECG, We are safety first.

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.

We pride ourselves in providing Demolition, abatement and Environmental Services you can depend on. (Concrete cutting, coring, green demolition, disinfection and sterilization cleaning services, asbestos abatement and more)

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