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Infection control refers to policies and procedures used to minimize the risk of spreading infections. The purpose is to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases usually caused by bacteria or viruses spread by human to human contact, animal to human contact, human contact with an infected surface, or airborne agents suspended in the air.

Utilizing state-of-the-art SteraMist technologies, our team of qualified personnel has partnered with TOMI Environmental Solutions to provide turn-key infectious control services ranging from initial site assessments to complete microbiologic decontaminations. TOMI uses its patented Binary Ionization Technology to decontaminate, where a six-log kill is achieved by treating all surfaces including high touch and delicate medical equipment.

SteraMist can eliminate the need for demolition with the simple use of “aim, point, and spray” technique, and is used in a large variety of decontaminant circumstances such as schools, large or small buildings, community buses, hospitals, and any area in need of sterilization. This TOMI technology we utilize has the highest kill possible of all mold spores, viruses, and ESKAPE organisms including (and especially) C. difficile spores. It is easily used indoors and outdoors, is not affected by relative humidity, and does not need extra steps to alter the humidity of the room before or after. Quicker room turnaround is achieved by the lack of need for deactivating HVAC, and dwell time is within seconds vs. costly chemicals that have a 10 minute dwell time.