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Concrete cutting is a process of controlled sawing, drilling and removing concrete. Skilled operators use special saws to cut concrete and asphalt with precision, accuracy and very few mistakes. In the past, concrete cutting companies would use jackhammers to break up the concrete, but that method left everything dusty and messy. Modern concrete cutting techniques involve the use of specialized machinery to leave a smooth, attractive finish of concrete, asphalt, metal and rock.

To accommodate the various material types and strengths, concrete cutters will often be found using different specs of diamond blades. The proper diamond saw blade cuts more quickly and need less water to create a sleek finish. Modern concrete saws also have local vacuum systems that capture most of the dust. A high-standard commercial concrete cutting company should be using these modern concrete coring strategies and tools. If you hire a concrete cutting company to do a project for you, be sure they are using modernized techniques. Otherwise, their services will not be high-quality, accurate or worth your money.

The demand for concrete sawing is increasing drastically across the world for renovation and remodeling projects, wherein construction professionals have to make a large number of changes in the existing state of a building and structure to fix its condition.

The good thing is that today a wide range of concrete saws are available to contractors for carrying out different types of concrete sawing services such as dry sawing and wet sawing. A concrete saw is nothing but a high-quality tool used by drilling experts to cut make cuts and openings on hard materials such as brick, masonry, and tile, etc., apart from concrete. This tool can be a hand-held equipment or a big walk behind saw, which often work with the support of either electric motors or gasoline.


Let’s take a brief look at different sawing methods:

  • Dry Sawing – Only Suited For Outdoor Projects.

Dry sawing is a concrete cutting method, which is characterized by production of enormous dust, and hence, it is used by contractors for large-scale outdoor projects. Often diamond blade is used for dry sawing so that it can be prevented from being overheated in the absence of water. Diamond blades are also very useful for the minimizing dust buildup.

  • Wet Sawing – An Environmental Friendly Technique Of Cutting Concrete.

The another important sawing technique that is used extensively across the world is called wet sawing which is characterized by the lesser production of harmful dust. Wet sawing is considered as an environmental friendly concert cutting method when compared to dry sawing. The blade remains cool because of water, which eventually prevents or minimizes the production of harmful dust.


  • Brokk Demolition designed for high performance demolition with a sleek profile allowing access to difficult, dangerous and confined spaces. Built with an electric motor, eliminating harmful vibrations and fumes. Once in position the Brokk can out power excavators making their work faster and safer than traditional methods.
  • Wall sawing creates openings in concrete, masonry or pre-cast concrete walls for door, window, and mechanical ductwork or for any purpose needed involving straight cuts. Wall sawing is also used for demolition of buildings, bridges and dams where control of the demolition is important. We offer a variety of options that include hydraulic, diesel, and electric power units from hands on saws to remote saws.
  • Slab sawing can be performed on concrete and asphalt/bituminous surfaces. It involves sawing on the floor or street where a self-propelled saw can be used. This type of sawing is done to install new or repair existing plumbing or electrical pipes under the floor or streets. It is also used on streets and highways for removal of and/or new pavement installation. Flat sawing is needed for a straight edge to provide a neat patch back. Here again we offer a variety of options that include electric where clean air is required such as in hospitals, retail, etc.
  • Core drilling allows you to create round holes in concrete, masonry or pre-cast concrete for electrical conduits, mechanical plumbing or for samples of the material. Maximum core diameter is 56 and maximum core depth is unlimited.
  • Wire sawing is one of the most unique services we provide. The process consists of using diamond wire to saw extremely large structured sizes of concrete. Most of this type of sawing is located in the dam, mining and paper mill industries. Maximum sawing depth is unlimited. Concrete grinding is the grinding of uneven concrete floors and sidewalks. It is also used to remove, glue, paint and other residue from floors.
  • Concrete Scanning using Ground Penetrating Radar to perform a non-destructive mean to locate approximate depth and targeting within concrete, concrete structures and buried utilities prior to coring, cutting drilling and excavating. Saving customers valuable time, money and costly mistakes and repairs!

Your best call is to hire the experts whenever a project involving concrete sawing is at stake. We are ECG, We are safety first.

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.

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