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Large earthmoving projects are full of challenges and demand large equipment. Most large earthmoving projects either use scrapers or excavators and rock trucks.

Mass excavation is the process of removing large amounts of earth and other materials with machinery. There is no set size for a project to define it as mass excavation – it is more down to the equipment used. Excavators with a reinforced body and undercarriage are generally used for mass excavation. The machinery may also have a stronger stick, boom, and cylinders than a typical machine. Mass excavation machinery needs to be robust enough to handle large amounts of continuous work, and are larger overall than standard excavation machines.

One thing that can change excavation methods is the discovery of something under the ground, such as a utility line. A line strike from an excavator or a backhoe could seriously impact your ability to complete the job as planned and possibly even injure or kill the operator. In which case, you will need to employ a vacuum excavator to locate the utility; it excavates using water, which won’t damage a pipe or electrical line when it makes contact with it. Then you stake out where the line is and continue to employ mechanical digging

Also, earthmoving projects sometimes come across items of historical significance buried in the ground. In which case, excavating operations need to take a more careful approach and this will probably require different equipment or more manual labor instead of equipment.

Weather is the number one reason for changing excavation methods. It has the largest effect on your excavation and engineering of materials. Wet, rainy conditions can impact the material itself and wet material is harder to work with; ponds form and you have to remove water from areas of the jobsite. It creates soft and slick conditions that make it difficult for equipment to get around.

Using Grade Control for Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Grade control enables operators to meet grade the first time. It is the best solution for avoiding overcutting/undercutting and for reducing rework. Grade control  is available on excavators, dozers and motor graders.

Grade control is a form of automation that makes it easy for excavator operators to create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces. For example, on an excavator equipped with Trimble Earthworks, the operator controls the stick, and Trimble Earthworks controls the boom and bucket.

One of the challenges is tracking how much earth you have moved and whether you are moving enough to keep to schedule.

We are ECG, we are safety first.

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.

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