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Asbestos was common in construction materials and other products for centuries before researchers began to link the mineral’s fibers with serious health risks.  Exposure is dangerous because the fibers are extremely minute.  When inhaled, they can cause damage to the abdominal lining and the lungs, and ultimately cause cancer. 

Asbestos professionals can test for the presence of asbestos and recommend professionals to remove it safely.  This process is known as asbestos abatement. A company with a strong working knowledge of asbestos abatement procedures can help to ensure the mineral is removed, cleaned, and handled properly. 


If tests come back positive for asbestos in your facility, it is necessary to start the asbestos removal process immediately to ensure that law is complied with and the mineral is removed properly. 

If you choose Environmental Construction Group for your abatement project, our team will handle the handle the project from start to finish.  We: 

  • Our team will follow all safety precautions (I.e. don disposable suits, gloves and respirators while performing the removal job.)  
  • Our team will seal the affected areas, use plastic barriers to seal ducts, doorways and windows. 
  • Once the affected area is sealed, our personnel will place asbestos danger signs in all entryways. 
  • Our team will install giant filters outside the room. The filters will create negative air pressure that will prevent asbestos fibers from escaping to the other rooms. 
  • The building material containing the asbestos is removed. The edge of any damaged material containing asbestos is taped off to prevent the release of asbestos fiber. 


For cleanup, all asbestos-soiled materials must be properly sealed and labeled in heavy-duty plastic bags, as well as any clothing the workers wear and any equipment used. This prevents the recontamination of the site and the contamination of other areas. The area should be thoroughly cleaned with wet mops and rags and vacuumed using HEPA vacuums, as traditional vacuums could spread any lingering asbestos dust. 

Upon completion, you should receive another written record that explains the work that was done and that proper procedures were followed. At this time, you may also consider having an asbestos inspector return to re-evaluate the area and ensure the threat is entirely gone. 

A licensed asbestos contractor will adhere to the rules and regulations regarding safe removal of asbestos from the facility.  

We pride ourselves in providing abatement services you can depend on. Contact us to get started on your next project, Call us: 562-438-7999.