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When it Comes to Safety, Size Shouldn’t Matter

It’s not the size of the company that matters most when it comes to safety—it’s how you manage it, according to research explored at a recent Procore Safety InSite 

One of the most important findings was that bigger does not mean safer. What proved crucial was the degree to which safety permeates everything the company does. The researchers classified firms as either “vulnerable,” “business as usual” or “safety first,” depending on the level of engagement and commitment. 

Seventy-six per cent of companies rated an accident-free workplace as their top priority, but two-thirds admitted that they still rely on paper-based or spreadsheet-based systems, such as Excel, for record-keeping and safety management. 

In today’s world, a company of any size that is armed with its own custom-branded message of safety, one that it promotes through an engagement-driving recognition platform, is then poised and ready to see its valuable safety brand make its impact on the workforce. It is also in perfect position to measure the results and to make the necessary adjustments needed for continued success. 

What are the priorities? 

1. Be Asbestos Aware 

Demolition and Refurbishment asbestos surveys and subsequent removal of licenced and non-licenced asbestos must be carried out before any demolition work can take place. Only once all licenced and non-licenced asbestos has been removed can the demolition phase of a project begin. Even then, all Environmental Construction Group  team are high qualified to see and manage hidden asbestos  what is discovered in the demolition process (that couldn’t be seen on the initial survey) our staff are qualified to recognise the material and operations cease until the licenced asbestos is removed by the specialist contractor again. Our operatives are qualified to remove non-licenced asbestos in a safe manner. 

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Must Be Worn 

The employer must determine what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be required. In demolition operations, PPE may include: 

  • Eye, face, head, hand, foot protection; 
  • Respiratory protection; 
  • Hearing protection; 
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS); or 
  • Other protective clothing (for example, for cutting or welding operations). 

It is not enough to provide PPE. Employees must be trained on the selection, use, fitting, inspection, maintenance, and storage of PPE. 

3. Prevent Accidents with Training, Qualification and Experience 

To ensure we complete projects safely and to the highest standards, we work  

standards and place particular emphasis on training and keeping our techniques and working practices completely up to date. Our training and qualification system for all employees is paramount to our Health, Safety and Environmental systems and procedures.  All employees have the appropriate qualifications and experience for the assigned tasks they undertake and our site teams are closely monitored by Site Supervisors at all times. 

4. Monitor Noise, Vibration and Dust 

Environmental safety is also paramount on a demolition project. Noise, vibration and dust are common bi-products of demolition work and we ensure they are monitored and managed to minimise disruption to neighbouring parties to the site, and to minimise the effect on our own operatives. Dust is monitored and controlled by us by means of damping down using temporary water supplies around the site. This supply is arranged with local water authority for permission and metering. 

Regular noise and vibration monitoring is conducted throughout all our projects with reports being issued to the client’s project team. Working hours can also be adjusted to ensure avoidable ‘noisy’ activities are undertaken at times that have minimal impact on the public. Throughout the demolition process, noise is to be kept to a minimum; this is achieved in various ways  

5. Clean and safe site 

Keeping a clean and orderly site is a key factor in the successful and safe delivery of works at any demolition site. The area must be kept clean and orderly at all times. Measures such as road cleaning are taken, if necessary. Cleanliness is paramount to promote a safe work environment and also to ensure that demolition debris and other materials from the site are properly treated. A secure enclosure is imperative and wellness facilities are provided for operators to take breaks outside of the site’s operational area. 

5. Manage Waste Disposal 

Planning waste streams are identified as part of the risk assessment process and are a key safety measure on a demolition project. The control measures required are then selected to ensure that on site techniques, which assist the segregation and containment of the different materials, are used. Contingency plans are also made at this stage as to what precautions should be taken to minimise the potential for harm to be caused in the event of a spillage or other form of release. 

6. Good Communication and feedback 

Maintaining efficient communication between the customer, management, operations, and nearby residents are key to maintaining site security. It is necessary to ensure that all health and safety information is collected and transmitted to the customer for incorporation into the health and safety file. On site, health, safety, and environmental information is disseminated to the site team to ensure maximum communication, education, and awareness. 

All site operators and subcontractors receive the risk assessments and method statements to read and understand the system and job stream. This also gives them the opportunity to comment on any potential issues. Upon agreement, they sign the documents agreeing to work and comply with the Method Statement, Risk Assessments, and other associated documentation. 

We are ECG, We are safety first. 

This field definitely needs some expert hands and skill. So, have you decided on what type of project you need? Make sure you research on this for a while before coming up with a decision.  

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